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Dollar upload is a platform which provides you with the opportunity of making money through files sharing. Having been in the Pay Per Download business for more than 8years, its reputation could be ranked as leading and legit in its services.


How does it work?

You first of all have to sign up with the site and fill out all the necessary information as required to be a member. Start uploading different files which include Videos, Ebooks, Musics etc

Secondly After uploading you go to Manage File Options to copy the links then go on to share those files within social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Forums and blogs.

Dollaruploads pays you between $5 to $10 pay per every 1000 downloads. Therefore if 2000 people download your files you get $20.

Which Niche is the Best to Promote and Attract Many Downloads?

Every Niche can get downloads but I recommend Health, Money Making Options, Affiliate, Social Media Campaign

Where can i get free files for upload?

Register on to get free files for upload.


Does Dollarupload have other earning option?

Yes. Dollarupload has Surveys opportunities. The more the surveys, the higher the pay. Survey pays between $.05 to $1.


What is the Minimum Cash Out?

To request a cash out you must earn a minimum of $10 which varies on the payment Options


What Payment Options is Available?

Payment options on Dollaruploads, Check, Direct Deposit(U.S.), Wire Transfer for international members  Paypal, PayQuicker, SolidTrustPay, and DollarUpload Debit Card (Payoneer).


 Payments are due after 15th days of each month.

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This is an opportunity to make legit money online. I recommend Dollarupload for those who want another means of income.

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