Earn Money Doing Virtual Jobs With Remotasks

What is Remotasks?

Remotasks is a website that will ask you to do tasks and get paid in exchange once completed. Most tasks may take a longer time.


Who can join Remotasks?

Remotasks is available globally. Therefore you can choose your country while registering and verify through code sent to your mobile. Though some countries may be exempted from the task.


What Task Can I Perform?

Task are categorized into two

1.       The Classic task and

2.       Lidar task.

The offer is aimed to build smarter and better AI using 2D and 3D technology. Most of the tasks are underlisted below


•        Audio Transcription

•        Comparison

•        Data Collection

•        Categorization of Objects

•        Image Annotation

•        Image Transcription


Is there Any Referral Referral Program?

Inviting friends and family to join the platform would get you $5 bonus moment your invitees earns at least $10 by performing tasks in the Remotasks platform two weeks after registration.

How Do I Get Paid?

You will be get paid through PayPal on the task completed and every referral you make. Whatever amount you’ve earned for the week will be paid every Friday.

You only have to add you PayPal Gmail address for payment through your account dashboard.


What Are Positive And Negative Side Of Remotasks?


•        Payment made through via PayPal.

•        Payment is on weekly basis.

•        You can make money at the comfort of your home


•        Earning opportunies are limited

•        Tasks can be tedious and time is taken.

•        You have to enrol on training before you start the task

•        Though it is globally accepted, there are exceptions to some countries at some point during registration.


How Much Can One Make Doing Task?

Performing your tasks correctly can earn you between $0.50 to $2 per hour when completed. Though you may not get tasks all the time.


Here is expected earnings based on the task completed

-Image annotation earnings range from 0.05 – 0.50 USD per task.

-Categorization: 0.01 – 0.05 USD per task

-For audio transcription, the expected earning ranges from $1-$5 per hour.

-Lidar pays between $5 – $50 USD per task.


Is Remotasks Legit?

Remotasks is a legit task site that pays you for doing microtasks.

Referring people to join can also earn you some pay. Thirdly it is paid weekly through PayPal.

In Summary, you have to:

1.       Create your free account Here

2.       Access task categories by taking a test through training boot camp Center

3.       Choose and complete tasks

4.       Get paid weekly through Paypal

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