How to Make Money Selling Free Ebooks Online

First of all, let us understand what conditions are attached to books published by others and how to use them to make money as information marketer.

PLR – Private Label Rights

PLR is the most recommended of all rights. You are free to use your name as the author of the material, sale it using any method you wish and changed in any way you wish. But are not allowed to claim any copyright as the information is available to a lot of people. In simpler terms, it allows for re-branding.


RR – Resale Rights

Resale rights give access for the product to be sold on to people as is, but cannot be amended. The customer in this regard is not permitted to pass it on or sell to their customers. The simpler meaning of this is that, you receive a product with resell rights you can sell it on to your prospect and the sales ends there.


MRR – Master Resale Rights

MRR rights have similarities to PLR products, The exception is that you are not permitted to change the product in any way or claim ownership or author of the product. The good part of MRR products is that you are allowed to resell the product on to your customer with resell rights. This then gives access for your customer to sell on the product to their customer.

Master Resale Rights products in general is the most known form of rights or license you will see online.


Personal Use Rights

You are allowed to use the product for your own good, which include the use of the sales letters to directly sell the product,  however, you are not allowed to sell the original product to your customers.


Giveaway Rights

As goodwill, you can give the product away for free as you may wish, except the rights or terms is otherwise. You are not allowed to resell or change in any way. The products will only include an eBook with no other items.

People online have an insatiable need for information. Therefore packaging your knowledge is one of the common methods to start making money online and positioning yourself as the expert you’re looking at the perfect example of how to Make Money With Ebook. And in all actual sense, you don’t have to be an expert. You can simply guide people through a process of where to get the right information and linking reference on other experts.

By being a member of some PLR sites as an affiliate you've got the chance to have resell rights, gain the expert ideas, knowledge and others will appreciate you for sharing it with them. Now you may additionally buy Private Label Rights(PLR) wherein another person else has written the content material and you have the rights to rebrand using your name. Note: This e-book isn't a private label

Now the question is, How easy is that? You don’t even have to write it yourself if you use a private label product. PLR products is available in different places online. Google can as well help you to access different PLR products. Some sites that offer this information also has both free and paid (premium packages). To make more money with these products, you must ensure the content is quality and simple enough before you rebrand it with your name. Personally, I have used indigitalworks as an affiliate to earn a few dollars. I Would hereby recommend you sign up here to access the wealth of information marketing

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