5 Best Writers for your Anime Website or Blog

Hello, I am here to give my humble opinions, I consider myself a part of the anime community. I have watched countless anime titles.

Do You Need a Good Anime Blog Writer?

The best place to get an Anime writer to write you an Anime blog post or article is Fiver. But it can be confusing to pinpoint which specific seller to hire for your project. Sometimes you get plagiarised or substandard content that you just can't put on your blog.

To solve this problem I have gathered the list of best writers on Fiverr if your content needs are related to Anime. All of them will provide well-researched and unplagiarized content for your blog at affordable rates. And from experience, I know these guys have a good command of the English language.

So here is a helpful little guide to point you in the right direction if you are looking for a content writer for your anime niche blog. The list is in no particular order, these are just the people who are good to work with anytime. You must already know that Anime is nota very high-paying blogging niche. So, I have selected these writers keeping that in mind.

List of the Most Affordable Anime Writers for Hire

Here is the shortlist of best sellers on Fiverr that will write absolutely perfect Anime content for your blog. Whether, you want an anime review, blog, top 10 lists, youtube script, or any other thing that is similar to it.

1. Maaz_writes
2. Saadia11
3. Raon2812
4. Bubbles707
5. Studetoflife28

5. Maaz_writes

An all-around great writer, his versatility is his biggest strength.


He is an experienced writer who has his very own blog. So he has a pretty decent knowledge of SEO, both on and off-page. Yet his pieces are extremely cheap.


I have lowered my prices to a very low level. I am interested in the work as a long time writer, so I will give you a discount.

I have been watching anime for as long as I can remember, but more than that I have a deep understanding of society. In addition, I have been working as an expert for about 4 years managing the SEO on-page, so I am the right man for the job.

I will offer incomparable quality with remarkable prices but don’t let prices distract you, I am an experienced professional. So my writing will make you a returning buyer.

4. Saadia11

She is good at writing short-length articles. And another great thing about her is that she will provide short-length content in under 24 hours.


I have been an enthusiastof the anime genre since my adolescence. Movies like Spirited Away, Digimon, Dragon Ball Z, and Pokémon have been my all-time favorites. When I write about anime characters, I put my heart and soul into the product.

3. Raon2812


I’ve been watching anime all my life, growing up next to them. With a tendency to over-analyze a lot of things and try to get the message across to them. And one of my passions was writing, now with this gig, I wish I could reach more people and share what I meant with each game I watched. I’ve written some anime-related works before but recently posted it as a gig here on Fiverr hoping to reach more people and expand my expertise!

And yes, you read it right, my prices are probably the cheapest you've ever seen but don't let it fool you like low-quality text.

2. Bubbles707

She is a good choice if you are looking for a copy writer!


Are you looking for a talented copywriter who can provide you with excellent content?

Someone who can provide you content according to your requirements, then you are at the right place!

I am a lifelong anime enthusiast with a passion for writing. I have a lot of experience in writing all kinds of articles, let them be the latest topical news or immersive opinion pieces. Anything that you can throw at me, I can write it for you.

And even more, I will provide you with plagiarism-free, SEO-optimized content according to your needs.

1. Studetoflife28


An experienced writer who has been here a long time!

I will write any kind of anime-related article, whether it's for a blog or social media, or anywhere else. Even video scripts lie within my expertise. In my gig's gallery, among the samples, you can see that I have even written some Youtube video scripts. So as long as it's anime or manga-related, anything goes!

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