10 Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses: The Ultimate Guide

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Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses

If you're looking for packaging ideas for your small business, then you've come to the right place! In this article, we're going to take a look at ten ways you can package your products, including wrapping ideas, how to have repeat customers, and so much more.

By taking the time to package your products in a delightful and fun manner, customers are more likely to shop at your store again, hopefully leading to repeat visits in the future! It's a small yet effective strategy to help you get more sales, and in this guide, we're going to take a look at simple yet effective ideas to help you package your products in order to delight customers!

We'll also take a look at tips and tricks that worked for other companies too!

Let's get started!

1. Patterned Polymailers

Patterned polymailers are a fantastic way to delight your customers. You can easily buy these on Amazon or on Etsy stores too. If you buy in bulk, you're also more likely to get discounts also!

The polymailers in the image below are a classic example of patterned polymailers; with a subtle pink background and bright, fun illustrations, this polymailer would put a smile on my face if I saw it!

You can buy polymailers with all sorts of cool designs, including stripes, polka dots, metallic designs and so much more.Using patterned polymailers or gift bags can be a great way to make customers love their purchase even more!

2. Tags

You could also add some tags to your product's packaging, for a lovely effect!

Custom tags would also work great, you can create these by printing custom stickers and then sticking each sticker onto the tag. Or, you can get tags printed professionally also by sites such as VistaPrint.

When combined with twine, or red and white twine, you can create a lovely vintage effect, which looks amazing!

Some fun labels can also add a cool twist.

3. Confetti

Yes, confetti can look amazing when added to your product's packaging!

You could wrap your products in tissue paper, for example, and then add some confetti on top for a glorious effect!

Stationery Pal often do this, and it looks amazing every time. Many YouTubers who film unboxing videos of Stationery Pal's parcels are always impressed by the lovely packaging.

Small touches like these can look amazing, and may encourage repeat customers.

Some cute confetti can look fantastic!

4. Twine & Kraft Paper

A popular combo involves twine and kraft paper, where you wrap the products in kraft paper and then add some twine around the package. It makes for a lovely and cute effect, which I'm sure customers would love!

The combination of kraft paper and twine is a particularly vintage combo, which many customers would love to see and be delighted to receive. I'm a huge fan of this aesthetic myself, too! This aesthetic also tends to work well with handmade goods, such as homemade soaps, craft items, and so forth.

Twine and kraft paper are an excellent combination!

5. Ribbon

A dash of ribbon here and there can look amazing! For example, you could try adding some ribbon to a package by wrapping it around the gift paper or tissue paper.

There are all sorts of ribbon available, from red ribbon to metallic ribbon and even glitter ribbon too! You can find these novelty materials in craft stores or online via Etsy shops. I'd definitely recommend exploring the products available!

Red ribbon works beautifully with kraft paper packages, but striped ribbon can also add a postal touch too.

Some beautiful ribbon can work wonders!

6. Patterned Paper Bags

Another idea involves adding your customer's products into a patterned paper bag, before adding this paper bag into a polymailer.

I'd also recommend sealing the bag with a sticker for an extra flourish. It also helps retain all the items inside the paper bag, as you don't want them spilling out when the customer opens the polymailer!

Striped, patterned and dotted paper bags tend to work very well, and I've seen many Etsy stores do this, including planner and stationery stores. I once ordered some stationery from an Etsy store, and they added the pens and notebooks I ordered into a beautiful paper bag adorned with stars, it was wonderful, I must say!

You can add a customer's purchases into a paper bag, before popping it into a polymailer; they're sure to appreciate it!

7. Add A Thank You Card

You can print custom postcards via Vistaprint, for example. Many small businesses use Vistaprint for their custom printing needs, and I've found them to be quite affordable too. I also printed stickers and labels with them too. Having custom packaging can enhance the professionalism of your brand immensely.

Thank you cards can encourage repeat visitors, so if you're hoping to implement one of these packaging ideas for your small business, I'd definitely recommend adding a thank you card at the least!

Adding a thank you card can help encourage customers to come back to your shop again, especially if you add a coupon code for future purchases!

8. Add Some Small Freebies

You could pop a small gift into your customer's parcel for a thoughtful gesture. This is sure to make many customers' day, and they'll definitely be more likely to shop at your store again!

However, you don't need to include overly expensive gifts (unless your business can afford them, of course!), just a small, thoughtful freebie is enough! For example, if you run a sticker company that sells planner stickers and decorative crafting stickers, you could provide an extra page of stickers as a gift for your customers. Or if you owned a soap company, you could provide a small, sample gift soap for customers to try out! Other companies such as Lush do this regularly at their own stores, and it definitely makes my day to get some free samples! Customers can also try out new products through the samples provided, so think of this as a marketing opportunity also!

A small gift can go a long way; for example, if you had a cosmetics business, you could add a cute soap as a freebie.

9. Patterned Gift Wrap

Gift wrapping doesn't have to be limited to standard Christmas themed paper, there are so many patterns you can choose from also! I've provided an example image down below, which showcases some cute gift paper which would sure put a smile on my face! Patterned gift wrap is a fantastic way to show your thoughtfulness, and your customers will definitely appreciate this!

From geometric patterns such as stripes and polka dots, to celestial themed wrapping paper, there's sure to be a pattern which reflects your shop's unique flair. Make sure to explore the various options available online, such as in Etsy stores and on Amazon too.

10. Tissue Paper

You could wrap your products in tissue paper for a lovely finish. Simply place your products on a large square of tissue paper, then wrap the paper over the gifts. You could add a cute sticker to seal the products inside, and your packaging is done!

There are all sorts of patterned tissue paper available online, especially on Etsy stores too. Make sure to take a look at the products available in these stores, you're sure to find some tissue paper which will match your shop's aesthetic or vibe.

From floral patterns to gold foiled patterns and so much more, there's a huge variety available for you to choose from.

Packaging Ideas for Small Businesses

Some of the best packaging ideas for small businesses there are!

Patterned polymailers

Try adding your customer's purchases inside a patterned polymailer for a delightful effect.

Ribbon/washi tape

Some ribbon and washi tape always looks amazing!

Tissue paper

Tissue paper is a perfect finish, simply pop your products onto some tissue paper, wrap the tissue paper around them, and seal them inside with a cute sticker.

Thank you card

Encourage customers to shop at your store again by including a thank you card and a message.

Kraft paper and twine

This vintage combination is perfect for handmade and homemade goods!

Small freebies

A small freebie will encourage customers to shop at your online store again!

Patterned gift wrap

Patterned gift wrap can add a pop of color and some unique flair to your packaging.

Paper bag with stickers

Add some cute stickers to a paper bag, then pop your customer's purchases inside!

Hopefully you've found some packaging ideas for your small business!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope that you've found this article useful! When packaging your products, small gestures can go a long way. From little freebies to tissue paper to gift wrap, there are so many ways you can brighten up a customer's day. These acts of kindness are sure to be remembered and hopefully your customers will turn into repeat visitors! There are so many other packaging ideas for small businesses, so make sure to explore these further on inspiration sites such as Pinterest!

What are your packaging strategies? I'd love to know what worked for you! Let me know in the comments section below, I'd be delighted to hear your thoughts!

Thanks again for reading!

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