Best 3 websites to earn money doing small tasks

INTRODUCTION: The world of technology is getting developed day by day. Productive opportunities are getting digitalised the way it turns out to be possible as well. At the very early stages of internet, it was quite rarely practised to implement skills to utilize productivity. But that scenario is no longer the same in today’s age. Digital support in growing as well as monetising productive skills is really effective nowadays.

Well, it’s my today’s topic to discuss on some micro task platforms that are popular since long ago. Now, what are micro tasks? Micro tasks are the tasks that can be completed digitally to earn some money quite fast and easily. These kinds of work are also quite worth it doing for a beginner to initiate a successful online approach and productivity.

Now, below is a list of the best 3 micro task websites to earn money in India and anywhere in the world.

MicroWorkers: This site is one of the best paying micro task websites which is available for joining in India and all over the world. Since, amazon mechanical turk is not accepting workers who want to join at present, one can go for microworkers instead. As a micro worker, one has to do simple and small paying tasks here; like signing up, liking a video, following a person on social media, downloading an app and doing any simple task by following simple instructions. Minimum payout in microworkers is as little as 9$ (bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer and Skrill).

PicoWorkers: It’s another website just like MicroWorkers. One also earns money doing simple micro tasks on this particular site. Tasks are quite similar to those on MicroWorkers. The minimum payout here is only 5$ (PayPal, Payoneer).

RapidWorkers: This site is also quite good as a micro task website. The minimum payout here is 8$ (PayPal). Only one problem here with this site is its interface which is a bit unfriendly for small screen devices (i.e. mobile devices). Otherwise, it’s a great site overall.

I hope, you get to know at least something here so that you can improve your productivity and earn a few bucks online. You can try any or all of the above platforms to generate a decent amount of money in aggregate. This can be a good initiation of your digital journey in growing productivity as a beginner. 

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